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Semi- custom collections

Each of our designed collections include everything your event needs - save the date cards, invitation cards, handmade envelopes, RSVP and info cards, menu cards, name tags, table numbers and everything in between. We've taken care of the hard work for you and pre-designed the layouts, fonts, graphics etc.

Collections are designed to be flexible so you are welcome to mix-and-match from different collections and end up with a suite that is uniquely your own. 



Clasica is the one of those things, you don’t even have to think or worry about. You just know it will be acceptable, and you just know it will last. Its personality transcends with lasting worth and timeless quality. The great thing about a Clasica collection identity is that it's always in style — and in season.


Implemented with outstanding name initials, a bit rustic yet modern, bold, strong and daring are some of the key words to describe Boldeza collection. Through its boldness It aims to identify with a strong character and spice up your bold love for one another.


Poetically designed, like a song of love, a Poezia collection is perfect for those who want to evoke the playfulness of their soul and sing it along through their special day.

It’s like a Divine allegory, as relation and affection that subsist between a bridegroom and his espoused bride; an emblem often employed in Scripture, as describing the nearest, firmest, and most sure relation.


As sweet like a rose, Rosalie collection is as one of a kind. Full of life, collection itself does feel flowery and beautiful, with a certain regal touch. It’s for those, whose character is refined and soft, like a rose in one of those French gardens.

Rosalie touches the symbolism of French romance and deep, courtly love in a courageous way.

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