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                              Fenice Milano primary wordmark logo is created from the mix of thin serif and sans serif font with a classic proportion. The spacing is manually adjusted to give more of a modern spin. In the logo itself, we wanted to reflect the simplicity based on the brand’s new vision- timeless, yet elegant.

As the phoenix raised from its ashes, the same story was built at the secondary logo, with the use of wings in light grey combined with the text. The wings itself can also be used as an alternative to the logo, a monogram that can be placed on various photographs, reminding of the strength of the Phoenix, so that every woman could be inspired and aware of her own power as well.




                      Color pallete consists of nature-inspired earthy neutral tones and shades of brown. Through entire branding process, we wanted to connect the ideology of the brand interacting with nature and it’s colors.

We used materials that didn’t include any chemicals used in dyeing process.

Fenice is Italian womenswear fashion brand, focused on sustainability. As the Phoenix bird of fire that rises from its ashes, Fenice wanted to inspire and give the chance to feel powerful and comfortable in their own skin through its designs.

                                        Fenice is made to be fully eco-sustainable and environmentally conscious: from the ethical manufacturing processes, materials, packaging to shipping with the mission to build positive environmental impact. Biggest core value of the brand is impeccable quality, timeless design and innovative developments. Through the eyes of Fenice, we developed an image simultaneously elegant and bold, all at once. Our redesigned visual identity faces all aspects of sustainability and precision, implementing it through entire process of development. As the brand points toward simplicity, chosen colour palette plays around earthly tones.




Visual Identity 

Packaging Design 

Digital Design 


Designer: Sara Mikuž, Photographer: 



                     With the new brand’s identity comes fresh, new timeless concept, eco-aware and fully sustainable- not only with the use of materials to produce clothes, but also in all other products including stationery and packaging. Rule number one was to keep everything away from plastics and work only with sustainable and certified materials such as organic cotton for fabric labels and eco-friendly papers used for stationery.



                The font palette is contemporary and reflects balance between minimalism and boldness. The typography consists of typeface Lao MN for titles and Helvetica Neue for body copy, product information and captions. Combination of both is bringing sophistication to the visual identity.

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